Support the residents parking scheme

22 October, 2013

The London Road Station North residents’ parking zone has now been in place for three months and we have noticed considerable changes in our quality of life. Not only is parking for residents now much easier but road safety is more assured with higher visibility at junctions and easier access for pedestrians, wheelchairs and buggies at corners. The quality of the local street environment has improved dramatically.

Yet the scheme has always had, and continues to have, some opponents who would like to see it dismantled. People usually only write to their councillors to make complaints so this can create an inaccurate impression of local opinion. So it is important that if you agree with us that the residents’ parking scheme  has improved your life, please find the time to let your councillors and transport officers know. Please write to express your support to your councillors:

Amy Kennedy

Leo Littman

Mike Jones

The relevant council officer is:

Charles Field.